Water affects every aspect of our lives, both as individuals and as communities.

“Despite water’s importance to each and all of us, as a society we have not invested in the solutions that will enable us as a nation to keep up with the challenges water resources face today—population growth, aging infrastructure, loss of natural vegetation, pollution from farm fields and from cities, all made more challenging by climate change,” writes David Beckman, president of the Pisces Foundation, a TFN member. “That is why when we started the Pisces Foundation, the question we wrestled with was not whether to make water one of our focus areas. Rather, the question was: given its importance and complexity, how do we best tackle it?”

Beckman explores the answer to this question in a recent Pisces Foundation blog post, Water: A Key to Our Collective Future.

Be sure to read the full post, and feel free to leave your own ideas on tackling the tricky issue of water resource challenges in the comments section below.