“Green Hartford” - Developing Hartford’s Green Infrastructure Strategy

Year Complete: 2020
Grant Amount: $65,000
Local Government: City of Hartford, CT
Local Foundation: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Project Purpose

To provide critical support in building capacity for a larger, comprehensive green infrastructure effort to secure the long-term resilience of Hartford.

Key Lessons Learned

Through the implementation of this work, a valuable lesson was learning to leverage partnerships and diversify communications methods. Strong partnerships with local community groups helped maximize impact through at-risk youth engagement, neighborhood connections, and scaling work through shared networks. Utilizing a variety of communications methods increased participation. Through direct outreach at events, meetings, and written outreach online and with mailers, over 900 people signed up for the program, and people have continued to reach out to the to express their interest.

The City had an existing relationship with the local foundation, which improved the impact of our program. The foundation acted as a fiscal agent for the Partners for Places funding. This was a new opportunity for the Office of Sustainability, and the Sustainability Director was able to work with the funder to manage the project. This experience will help inform and streamline future efforts.

Additional Information and Resources

The work from this grant will be included when pursuing future Sustainable CT certification. In addition, the Tree Canopy Action Plan will be utilized to guide and streamline future tree actions and initiatives. More information can be found here.