Living Cully Community Energy Plan Implementation

Year Complete: 2020
Grant Amount: $150,000
Local Government: City of Portland, OR
Local Foundation: Meyer Memorial Trust

Project Purpose

To implement the Living Cully Community Energy Plan, including a suite of community-led pilot investments, over a two-year period.

Key Lessons Learned

Youth solar curriculum should be hands-on. The curriculum was updated during the project to combine classroom material while actually constructing the solar panels, which developed hands-on ways to teach the youth about energy forms and transformation of energy.

The project partner learned to ensure continued collaboration by clearly articulating long-term goals, beyond the current project.

Through this partnership, the importance of creating a community committee that centers frontline communities became clear. It is critical for the community to have a say in the city’s climate priorities.

Additional Information and Resources

Construction on the project in the Cully community is set to begin soon, with groundbreaking scheduled for February, 2021.