Luchando para Salud y el Ambiente (Fighting for Health and the Environment)

Year Complete: 2022
Grant Amount: $30,000
Local Government: Princeton, NJ
Local Foundation: Fox Foundation, LEEN Foundation

Project Purpose

To improve the sustainability of suburban landscaping practices to positively impact the health of landscape workers and the environment.

Key Lessons Learned

Lessons to build a strong collaborative partnership:

  • Communicate often and frequently.
  • Include a third-party impartial facilitator.
  • Create an environment where all members can share their views freely and without judgement.

Lessons to advance local sustainability goals:

  • Be strategic and narrow the focus on where to make progress.
  • Recognize that even small steps represent progress.
  • It is important to build getting to know each other into the beginning of all processes. Project partners need time to get to know each other and build that partnership.
  • It is very challenging to build relationships during online meetings.
Additional Information and Resources

More information on this project and plans for future action can be found here. Key accomplishments of the work can be found here.