PlanItGreen: Solar for All Project

Year Complete: 2019
Grant Amount: $49,250
Local Government: Village of Oak Park, IL
Local Foundation: Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation

Project Purpose

To drive action, education and outreach on solar development and procurement in Oak Park, River Forest and surrounding low and moderate income (LMI) communities toward meeting PlanItGreen’s goal of 25% renewable energy procurement through newly created projects by 2020 and toward influencing and catalyzing similar efforts in other Chicago metro area counties and communities.

Key Lessons Learned

Lessons learned about tools and tactics through the project that other sustainability directors could use to advance their work.

The key lessons learned from this project have been:

  • Recognize the efforts of all partners, share ideas and successes, and foster a spirit of collaboration and mutual support.
  • Establish a sense that everyone is working toward the same goal and affirm efforts through meetings, forums and events for all the stakeholders.
  • Work toward getting institutions to act – as opposed to head nodding in agreement. This was the biggest challenge and drove the development of other strategies to spur action.
Additional Information and Resources

Project staff have secured continued support for the Park District of Oak Park for a 25kw solar project installation and other sustainability measures. Find out more about the Village of Oak Park’s Environmental Initiatives and the PlanItGreen Sustainability Plan.