Resiliency Hubs

Year Complete: 2018
Grant Amount: $75,000
Local Government: City of Baltimore, MD
Local Foundation: Baltimore Community Foundation, Town Creek Foundation

Project Purpose

To increase and enhance resiliency in neighborhoods most vulnerable to the impacts of natural hazards and climate change.

Key Lessons Learned

Lessons learned about tools and tactics through the project that other sustainability directors could use to advance their work.

A few of the hubs were chosen based on strong community relationships. In addition to that, building assessments were conducted before concluding whether a potential partner qualified to be a hub. It was also important to have funds on hand to purchase initial supplies and equipment for the hubs, and when they were used, work together to re-supply them.

Lessons for developing a collaborative process between a local government sustainability director and local place-based foundation(s).

Committed nonprofit foundations were vitally important. Both funders understood the limits of city budgets. This understanding was crucial along with strong, open, working relationships. A strong relationship between the city and local funders brought more power, more impact and a broader vision to the planning and implementation of projects, and the resiliency hub project was no exception.

Additional Information and Resources

The Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management has come on as a full partner in the project. The Office of Sustainability coordinated the partners and worked to have the hubs set up and ready. Upon completion, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management became the main contact during emergencies. The Office of Sustainability will remain as a partner as well.  Read more about their resilience strategies here.