Lead Exposure in Drinking Water is a Serious Health Risk. How Can Funders Help?

"The critical connection between water and health can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. For most, this link is the water from the taps in our homes, where we expect to find clean, safe water to drink, shower, brew coffee, and brush our teeth. The recent tragedy in Flint, Michigan has reminded us that we should not take access to safe drinking water for granted. Children are particularly vulnerable. For example, a dose of lead that would have little effect on an adult can have a significant and irreversible effect on a child," write Gail Bingham, president emeritus of RESOLVE, and Nancy Stoner, water program director and senior fellow at the Pisces Foundation and co-chair of TFN's Stormwater Funders' Group.

"One of the main reasons for lead contamination in our drinking water is the millions of water lines still made of lead. Funders who are leading the way in health can help address this challenge."

Learn more about what funders are doing to address this critical public health issue in the June issue of Grantmakers In Health's Views From The Field.