Electric Vehicle Promotion Project

Year Complete: 2015
Grant Amount: $25,000
Local Government: City of Juneau, AK
Local Foundation: Juneau Community Foundation

Project Purpose

To increase electric vehicle use through infrastructure development and education. This will also increase sustainability and local hydroelectricity use while decreasing emissions and high vehicle use cost.

Key Lessons Learned

Lessons learned about tools and tactics through the project that other sustainability directors could use to advance their work.

It is useful when working on these types of projects to expect to encounter unforeseen obstacles, and when they occur, stay focused on finding a positive solution and moving forward. There is also a great opportunity to learn from the experience of others.  It has been valuable to look at examples of other cities, or even companies that have put in EV charging stations, and learn from their experience.

Lessons for developing a collaborative process between a local government sustainability director and local place-based foundation(s).

It is important to identify champions that support your effort early on and work closely with them. Persistence and follow up are key, and regular and open communication with all stakeholders is very important. Communicating the benefits of your project to all stakeholders regularly is important. More specifically, identifying how and why the project is valuable to each stakeholder and communicating that concisely is extremely valuable and challenging. Not all stakeholders will see value in the project equally.  It is critical to know your stakeholders and what motivates them, and tailor the project communications to those motivations.