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Charting a Climate, Health, and Equity Agenda: Investing in Those Most Impacted to Improve Health and the Environment

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

Detroit, Mich.


Every community faces serious health, water, air, and infrastructure challenges from climate change and the forces driving it. But climate change also represents a historic opportunity to make a positive, even transformational, difference in people’s health in the decades to come. Children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, low-income rural and urban communities, people of color, indigenous communities, and immigrants are especially vulnerable to the potentially severe health impacts of climate change. Imagine the possibilities for Americans’ health and our climate if the people and communities most impacted mobilize with allies to gain greater control over decisions shaping health outcomes, energy choices, and environmental quality.

Join us for a full day program drawing together an array of funders interested in health, the environment, racial and gender equity, climate and energy, water, urban and rural communities, smart growth, and related areas to:

▪ Break down silos and build common ground for collaboration around shared goals;
▪ Hear from affected communities about how they’re mobilizing to improve their health and environmental quality;
▪ Explore “co-benefit” projects making progress across a range of climate, health, and equity goals;
▪ Learn from recent communications research about effective ways to talk about climate and health; and
▪ Get out into Detroit neighborhoods to see how people are experiencing these issues in their lives.

Stay in Detroit through Nov. 15 for a local site visit focused on climate, health, and equity and for the Health and Environmental Funders Network’s annual meeting Nov. 15-16.

Charting a Climate, Health, and Equity Agenda is co-sponsored by the Climate and Energy Funders Group/CGBD, Environmental Grantmakers Association, Grantmakers In Health, Health and Environmental Funders Network, and The Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities.

Registration and hotel information coming shortly.