Policy Summit 2021: Pathways to Economic Resilience in Our Communities, organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, will focus on economic resilience and equity and how they play out in communities of all sizes and compositions. The event, which takes place June 23-25,  will highlight the policies and practices that support or hinder people in our most vulnerable communities from being able to prepare for, adapt to, and respond to shocks and stresses.

The effects of COVID-19 and racial injustice will likely be front and center, across a range of topic areas, including but not limited to, small business, workforce, and housing. Check out the agenda for #PolicySummit2021 here.

Pat Smith, president and CEO of The Funders Network, will moderate two sessions at #PolicySummit2021:

Opening Keynote
Economic Resilience: What It Is, What It Is Not, and Why We Must Prioritize It Immediately

Description: “As we move through a pandemic that has wrought havoc on our communities, we find there are many facets to rebuilding: reinvigorating local and regional economies, strengthening neighborhoods by adding quality and affordable housing, supporting small businesses, and providing career pathways for our current and future workforce. This session defines economic resilience, highlights its importance in post-COVID-19 times, and provides ways communities can work toward achieving this goal.”

Otis Rolley, Senior Vice President, The Rockefeller Foundation

Plenary 1
Common Ground in Urban and Rural America: What Has Undermined—and What Can Build—Economic Resilience

Description: “Economic resilience is needed, in both urban and rural communities, now more than ever. In this session, speakers share stories and insights about the geographic and racial exclusion that has undermined the economic health of these two populations essential to the success of our nation. The discussion will also identify strategies and interventions both populations can use to build economic resilience.”

Caitlin Cain, Vice President and Director, Rural LISC
Andre M. Perry, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution
Otis Rolley, Senior Vice President, The Rockefeller Foundation

We hope you join us for three days of actionable, resource-rich presentations and conversations about building the economic resilience of our communities. Register for this free and virtual event here.

Photo by 5540867 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA