By TFN Staff

Looking to catch up on your reading?

In case you missed these posts earlier in the year, we featured three guest bloggers to reflect on key lessons and takeaways shared during TFN’s Inclusive Economies inaugural meeting in the fall.

The Road to Good Jobs and Quality Work | Sara McCarthy, Director of Communications at the Fund for Our Economic Future.

Investment, Displacement & Engagement | Cari Morales, National Urban Fellow at the Cleveland Foundation

Awareness Building to More Thoughtful Action | Treye Johnson, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

A grandmother and her grandson pick tomatoes at an organic community garden in Cleveland. The city was the site of TFN’s Inclusive Economies inaugural meeting in November. [Photo credit: Darlene Beiter/City of Cleveland.]

About Inclusive Economies

TFN’s Inclusive Economies working group brings place-based funders and related partners from across the sector together to build working relationships, advancing understanding of practices and policies that lead to inclusive prosperity, and taking joint action that drives the field forward. We apply a three-part focus — race, place and prosperity — to economic growth and development. A particular goal is connecting people and neighborhoods of color to employment and wealth-building opportunities through investment, systems change, and policy reform.

Inclusive Economies launched in 2019, replacing TFN’s Restoring Prosperity in Older Industrial Cities working group. This new group represents a vision of shared, restorative, and equitable prosperity in places of all types (urban, suburban, and rural), sizes (neighborhoods, cities, towns, and regions), and market conditions (weak, moderate, and strong).

For more information about TFN’s Inclusive Economies, contact TFN President and CEO Pat Smith at