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The Intermountain West is home to iconic landscapes, extraordinary wildlife — and people with a deep connection to the land and its history. As one of the fastest growing regions in the United States, it is also home to some of the most significant growth and development issues in the country. We recognize that addressing the issues facing the people and places of this eight-state region, such equitable access to water and land and economic prosperity, are critical to the future of the Intermountain West.

About Intermountain West Funders Network

The Intermountain West Funders Network (IMWFN) allows funders to grow relationships, deepen knowledge, explore unique endeavors and share promising practices. While funders in the network embed a variety of lenses into their work, their key focus remains on ensuring that the most important resources of the Intermountain West — its land, water and people — are paramount when making decisions about growth and development.

The Intermountain West Funder Network was created in 2009 by funders with a deep commitment to encouraging civic participation and engaging residents in the decisions that impact the people and places of the Intermountain West — while recognizing that the region possesses unique concerns about growth and development that should be differentiated from more urbanized regions.

Connect & Engage

The Intermountain West Funders Network, a working group of The Funders Network, brings together funders in the region with a diversity of interests to align efforts, share best practices and find opportunities for collaboration.  While funding priorities are focused on the Intermountain West region, we hope that the strategies, stories and lessons learned in this working group can be useful to funders outside of the region as they, too, work to address critical issues such as land use, water management, and social and economic inequities.

Intermountain West funders, led by the group’s steering committee, have developed a strategic framework to guide the priorities and activities for this funder working group that includes three goals:

  • Provide funder education, information sharing and networking opportunities in the Intermountain West.
  • Cultivate funder alignment and coordination to achieve desired outcomes that have a positive impact on the region’s people and places
  • Increase funder engagement and continued advances in governance of the Intermountain West Funders Network.

Funders who participate in this working group are able to:

  • Attend annual in-person meeting to build relationships and explore collaboration.
  • Deepen their knowledge about topics of both regional and national interest through regular learning calls and webinars.
  • Learn and share with fellow funders through peer learning/video conference calls, as well as engage with peers through the working group’s email listserv.
  • Hone your leadership skills by volunteering on planning committees, leading or participating in funders-only webinars and developing unique session ideas and presentations for our TFN Annual Conference and Intermountain West Funder Network Annual Meeting.

How can I participate?

TFN working groups and initiatives are open to participation from TFN members and non-members alike. We welcome participation from grantmaking organizations, philanthropy serving organizations, local governments, and infrastructure groups that support funders. If you would like to subscribe to TFN’s Intermountain West Funders Network in order to receive newsletters and other resources, click here.

To learn more about how your organization can become a TFN member, please visit our member services resource page here.

“Our network cares about critical resources and their direct impact on those that choose to live in the Intermountain West, recognizing the uniquely Western way of life and the deep ties between people and place that bridge generations and connect the old and the new.”

Paula Randolph
Associate Director at the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy and member of the IMWFN Steering Committee


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