BY Tere Figueras Negrete, Senior Director of Communications


You asked, we listened…

We’re excited to announce that TFN’s new Member Portal is live on our website!

This password-protected, member-only portal is designed to support collaboration, deepen understanding and spark connections within our network and beyond.

Funders across TFN’s community of working groups, initiatives and other programs have often asked for a way to reach out to fellow grantmakers who are based in their area or working on similar issues.

Our new peer-to-peer platform will allow TFN members to do just that, as well as access learning resources and recordings, update individual TFN profiles, and engage with our working groups.

How do you access TFN’s Member Portal? Just fill out this simple sign-up form. You’ll then receive a welcome email with your username and login instructions.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do once you have access:

➡ Curious which funders are active in the Southwest? Or who has an interest in environmental justice? 

Our Funder Directory is a searchable database of funders whose organizations are members of TFN, or who have engaged with TFN events and programming in the recent past.

You can search by several categories, including by funder name, organization, geography and topics of interest.

Tip: You have control over what information is shared about you in the Funder Directory. Use the Update Your Profile tool to manage your contact information, areas of interest and sharing settings.


Did you miss TFN’s latest webinar? Are you eager to dive deeper into a resource shared during an event?

Explore the Event Resources featured on TFN’s Member Portal, which include recordings of our learning events and accompanying resources.

Please note that we’re only sharing recordings from the relatively recent past, and only when participants have been alerted that the event is being recorded. For example, certain peer-to-peer learning sessions and other virtual convenings have not been included, as facillitators often ask for those events to remain “off the record” to encourage frank exchanges of ideas and experiences.

Tip: This feature also links directly to TFN’s Event Calendar, so you can see and sign up for future events.

We’ll continue to add to this section, so be sure to check back and see what’s new!


Do you want to get involved in a TFN working group? Or maybe share your new title or expanded grantmaking portfolio?

Update your TFN Program Affiliations in the Member Portal, which features a menu of our working groups and collaboratives. Follow the links to learn more about each program area and sign up to indicate your interest in receiving news, updates and invites to webinars and other learning opportunities.

Tip: If you want to see which funders are engaged in what TFN working group, just search the Funder Directory under “program participation.”

Do you want to let us know that you’ve changed jobs, or share more about your grantmaking focus? Click on the Update Your Profile to access your individual TFN profile, allowing you to make updates to your title, organizational affiliation, focus area, and other information.

Updating your profile information will help enrich the Member Portal overall — making it easier for you and others in the network to engage with fellow funders whose grantmaking interests align.


Why can’t I access TFN’s Member Portal?
Please note that you must be affiliated with a TFN member organization in order to access TFN’s Member Portal. If you don’t see your organization listed on the sign-up form, but believe you are affiliated with a TFN member organization, please reach out to (Learn more about TFN membership options on our website.)

Does the Funder Directory only include funders who work at TFN member organizations?
Nope! Any funder who has engaged with TFN in the recent past, including attending our Annual Conferences or learning webinars, and who have agreed to share their information are included in the Funder Directory. (You’ll see a checkmark noting which organizations are TFN members.)

What if I don’t want my information included in the Funder Directory?
No worries. You can update your sharing settings in the Update My Profile section.

What if I see someone listed who no longer works at my organization?
Please let us know! Kindly send an email to and we’ll follow up.

Is there a Member Portal Code of Conduct?
You betcha. We want to ensure that TFN’s Member Portal remains a considerate, caring and useful resource. You’ll be asked to agree to our Code of Conduct when you sign up for the portal, acknowledging that:

  • TFN does not allow language that harasses, threatens or defames others, or language that is derogatory toward people or communities based on, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or ability status.
  • TFN does not allow the data and resources found on the portal to be downloaded or repurposed in any way without appropriate consent of relevant individuals and creators. In particular, do not add contact information found on the portal to your organization’s databases without consent of the individual contact.
  • You will not use the portal as an opportunity for fundraising pitches or any other solicitations for financial or contractual support.
  • Electioneering or lobbying activities are prohibited. (For guidance on how to effectively advocate as a nonprofit or philanthropic organization, we encourage you to visit the resource pages for Bolder Advocacy, a program of the Alliance for Justice.)

Do you have additional questions or feedback about TFN’s Member Portal? Please reach out to our team at