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TFN’s 2022 Annual Conference: Seize the Moment is an opportunity to come together after more than a year of disruption to share how philanthropy can effectively and equitably deploy resources where they are most needed.

TFN’s PLACES Fellowship has been giving leaders in philanthropy the tools they need to embed equity into both their professional and personal lives for over a decade. Join us in San Diego as we share strategies and stories that are helping move our communities toward justice.

Below, are some agenda highlights featuring PLACES alumni and sessions that may be of interest.

TFN2022 sessions are designed to be intersectional, cross-cutting and grounded in racial equity and speak to activism, collaboration and movement building. Take a look at our preliminary TFN2022 Conference Agenda to see what else we’ll be learning in San Diego!

Day 1 | Monday, March 14

*Concurrent Breakout Sessions*

Why Are All of the Black Philanthropists Sitting Together at the Conference? | 2 PM PT


Taking a page from Beverly Daniel Tatum’s book Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations about Race, we’ll create a space for honest conversation about and reflections on the specific experiences of Black funders working in philanthropy.

Alumni of TFN’s 2020 PLACES Fellowship will deliver a Black Girl Magic experience designed to unpack Blackness in a white context. During this interactive session, attendees will join in on a point/counterpoint discussion examining the question: Why Are All of the Black Funders Sitting Together at the Conference?

Joining us in conversation (pictured above from left):

Le Anne Alexander, Advisor, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2020 PLACES Fellow
Rayana Grace, Program Officer, Island Foundation, 2020 PLACES Fellow

Creative Financing for Equitable Climate Resilience: What Funders Need to Know | 2 PM PT

Join us for a dynamic conversation on how foundations can deploy their resources — including money, influence and relationships — to help develop investment ecosystems that enable capital to flow to equitable climate resilience efforts.

We’ll learn about the Center for Community Investment’s (CCI) recent publication, Seeding Climate Resilience Through Equitable Investment, which offers case studies of successful climate resilience investments, including the role of philanthropy, surfacing a set of strategies that take aim at the systems underlying the inequitable distribution of risk.

Featured Speakers: 

Saneta deVuono-powell, Co-Founder and Partner, GroundWorks Consulting 
Paulina López, Executive Director, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition 
Alberto J. Rodríguez, Strategic Advisor, Duwamish Valley, City of Seattle 
Omar Carrillo Tinajero, Director of Innovation and Learning, Center for Community Investment, PLACES 2020 Fellow (Moderator) 

Rebalancing Power & Profit in Rural America’s Communities of Color | 2 PM PT

Rural America, especially communities of color, face the highest rates of poverty and disinvestment in the U.S. Eighty-five percent of “persistent poverty counties” — defined as having a population of 20 percent or more living at or below the poverty line for at least 30 years — are rural. One in four children in rural America lives in poverty. But these communities receive minimal investment from federal sources and receive less than 8 percent of philanthropic giving. We’ll hear from community developers and Community Development Financial Institutions working in rural areas, with a focus not only on the challenges facing these regions — but the innovations needed to truly support rural communities of color.

Featured Speakers: 

Lakota Vogel, Executive Director, Four Bands Community Fund 
Jackie Pata, President/CEO, Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority 
Susan Anderson, Senior Director, Enterprise Community Partners (Moderator)

Dismantling House Segregation: A Land-use Policy Roadmap for Systemic Change | 2 PM PT

This interactive session will explore the role of state and local land-use policies in creating and maintaining racial segregation. We’ll also examine how coordinated legal advocacy, organizing and public education can create structural change that enables Black, Latinx and other people of color to equitably access historically exclusionary communities and retain equity in gentrifying neighborhoods.

Joining us in conversation (pictured above from left):

Adam Gordon, Executive Director, Fair Share Housing Center 
Cashauna Hill, Executive Director, Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center
Samuel Tepperman-Gelfant, Managing Attorney, Public Advocates
Jennifer Martinez, Director of Advocacy for Housing Affordability at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) (Moderator)

Plenary | Trust-making: Building Equity, Belonging & Community | 4 PM PT

Join us for an interactive, peer-to-peer experience crafted by Marnita’s Table, a mission-driven nonprofit that brings people together to find common ground on important public policy issues.  We’ll learn about the organization’s Intentional Social Interaction (“IZI”) model that helps individuals, businesses, NGOs and government agencies achieve equity and inclusion goals.

Marnita Schroedl, CEO, Marnita’s Table 
Lauren Williams, Director of Learning, Marnita’s Table 

Day 2 | Tuesday, March 15

*Concurrent Breakout Sessions*

The Future of Climate Action is Latinx | 10:30 AM PT

Join us for an intergenerational conversation led by Latinx youth leaders at the forefront of the climate movement, in dialogue with more veteran members of the Latinx community, on the future of climate action.

Featured Speakers: 

Paloma Aguirre, City of Imperial Beach Councilwoman and Senior Program Officer for International Community Foundation
Mary Skelton Roberts, Senior VP for Programs, Energy Foundation, 2011 PLACES Fellow
Denisce Sarai Palacios, Jolt Action (Moderator) 

Participatory Grantmaking: Investing in Shared Power and Community Listening | 10:30 AM PT

This session will explore how to create an authentic participatory grantmaking fund, how these funds are structured and governed, and how they are working to support BIPOC leaders. You will hear from fund grantees, foundation staff who manage these funds, and funders who worked with their foundation boards and grantmaking colleagues to establish the funds.

Featured Speakers: 

Alicia Smith, Executive Director, Junction Coalition
Crystal M.C. Davis, Vice President of Policy & Strategic Engagement, Alliance for the Great Lakes

Day 3 | Wednesday, March 16

Flash Talk | 10:50 AM PT

Norma Chávez-Peterson, ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, will join us for a Flash Talk sharing her insights on the ongoing fight for civil liberties and justice for marginalized people — and why funders need to step up and “seize the moment” in this pivotal and fragile moment in American democracy.







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