The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is forcing communities to grapple with faltering economies and unprecedented disruptions to daily life —  impacts that have left transit systems in peril. Trying to make sense of this looming transit crisis? Check in with the Mobility Policy Briefings, a series of virtual conversations and knowledge-sharing brought to you by The Funders Network’s Collaborative on Sustainable Mobility and Equitable Access.

The virtual briefings are led by Darryl Young, co-chairperson of the collaborative’s design committee and director of The Summit Foundation’s Sustainable Cities Program, and feature Martha Roskowski of Further Strategies, the collaborative’s program lead for TFN. In each installment, they are joined by diverse voices from across the sector who provide insight and expertise on the current state of transit affairs.

 Mobility Policy Briefings: ICYMI

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A screenshot from the July 17 briefing featuring (clockwise from top left) Stephanie Gidigbi of Natural Resources Defense Council, Darryl Young of The Summit Foundation,
Beth Osborne of Transportation for America and Martha Roskowski of Further Strategies.


Federal Mobility Policy  with Rep. Chuy Garcia and Beth Osborne, T4A (Aug. 14)

As the transit crisis deepens, this installment looks at how Washington is responding and how transit is is linked to inequality, health and climate.  Also in this episode: Learn more about the Future of Transportation Caucus and what it hopes to achieve in Congress. Is there a chance for re-writing the rules for federal transportation funding? Lastly, the guests will examine the role of grassroots organizations in prioritizing transit.


 America’s Transit Crisis (July 30)

As congress wrestles with details of the stimulus package amid an ongoing transit crisis, this briefing explores how local advocates are pushing to prioritize transit funding and how a new matching fund could help.

The briefing also explores how some state departments of transportation are pushing actions to support walking, biking and transit.



Inequality in America (July 17)

This briefing includes updates on what’s happening in Congress regarding federal stimulus proposals and transportation spending. Also in this installment: an examination of the history of land use and transportation in America — and how it perpetuates inequality today.

Guests also discussed what would be on a transportation to-do list for a new presidential administration.



The COVID-19 Transit Crisis: Inequality in America (July 9)

The global coronavirus pandemic, coupled with a faltering economy, is contributing to a national transit crisis as systems are forced to cut or eliminate service. These cuts expose the inequality of mobility in America, which leaves marginalized communities without access to jobs and health care and forces car use which contributes to climate change. The Collaborative on Sustainable Mobility and Equitable Acces, an initiative of The Funders Network, presents a special briefing on the transit crisis, what local advocates are doing, and how national philanthropy can support their work through a new matching fund.



Federal Mobility and Access Policy Briefing (July 6)

This installment includes an update on the INVEST Act and its uncertain future in the Senate, a look at how federal policy affects local transportation — and a discussion around helping people of color step into power.



Federal Mobility Policy Update (6/19)

In this session, our guests weigh in with the good, the bad and the ugly about transportation legislation at the federal level.



Federal Transportation Funding Update (6/5)



COVID19 Federal Transportation and Recovery Policy (6/1)



COVID-19 Federal Transportation and Recovery Update (5/15)



Transportation and COVID-19 Federal Policy Update (4/27)



Transportation and Coronavirus Federal Policy Briefing (4/7)


About the Collaborative on Sustainable Mobility and Equitable Access

The Collaborative on Sustainable Mobility and Equitable Access, housed at TFN, is an action-oriented effort that recognizes the urgency for ambitious — and quickly implemented — solutions to limit the devastating impacts of climate change. The collaborative brings together place-based, regional and national funders to share stories, examine best practices and explore critical issues. The collaborative recently launched the Mobility Fund, a new matching fund in support of local advocacy.

The collaborative is led by a core group of regional, place-based and national volunteers who are shaping and guiding work on transportation, including funders from the Barr FoundationThe Bullitt FoundationHouston EndowmentTransitCenterThe George Gund FoundationThe Energy Foundation, The Joyce Foundation and The Summit Foundation.

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For more information about TFN’s Collaborative on Sustainable Mobility and Equitable Access, contact Martha Roskowski at or 303-895-0951.



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