BY TFN Staff

This post excerpted below was originally published by Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) on Medium.

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) has spent the last few weeks exploring various election scenarios that could play out following the Nov. 3 election. They’ve compiled that shared knowledge and insight into a blog post with questions for leaders across the philanthropic sector to consider in the few remaining days before this historic event, as well as thoughts on scenarios that may unfold in the uncertain aftermath.

“While many are understandably focused on the integrity of the election and its fair administration, we have also heard particular concern within our community about its aftermath: When will there be results? Will Americans accept the results? Will there be violence? There’s a lot we should be prepared for in these last five days, and the weeks after November 3rd as well.

This is one way in which the PACE community shines. PACE is a philanthropic laboratory for funders seeking to maximize their impact on democracy and civic life in America, but it is also a community in which we learn, experiment, collaborate, and model vibrant civic space. As a community, we’ve gathered over the last few weeks to explore various election scenarios that could play out, and share what we are thinking about now to do our part in strengthening democracy through whatever reality unfolds. We offer five questions for philanthropy to think about five days before Election Day.”

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