An image from Land of Opportunity, a multi-platform documentary by Luisa Dantas chronicling the story of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
By Tere Figueras Negrete, Director of Communications

From hurricanes and floods to wildfires and mudslides, communities across the U.S. and the Caribbean have been battered by natural disasters in recent months. We know that disasters can quickly exacerbate and escalate economic and social disparities for the most vulnerable — including low-income households, fixed-income seniors and people with disabilities that are the least likely to have adequate resources to fully recover. Evacuated families often face considerable financial and logistical hurdles moving back home. Affordable housing, especially for renters, can prove to be scarce. And the desire for a speedy recovery can often overlook or ignore the need to ensure that those efforts to rebuild are equitable and just.

Join us for a Funders’ Network webinar that looks to the lessons learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s devastating toll on New Orleans in 2005 and Hurricane Sandy’s deadly path along the eastern seaboard seven years later. What were the obstacles and opportunities faced while creating equitable housing in the wake of those storms? What important roles did data and storytelling play in these efforts? How can those lessons help funders support recovery in places hit by recent hurricanes — and better prepare communities who may face their own disasters in the future?

Rebuilding and Recovery: Equitable Housing and the Lessons Learned from Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina

Jan. 23
2 p.m.
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This is a funders-only webinar. Please register by Jan. 19 to be sure you receive the webinar details.


Amy Kenyon, Program Officer, Equitable Development, Ford Foundation (moderator)
Staci Berger, President & CEO, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey
Luisa Dantas, Director and Producer of Land of Opportunity, a multi-platform documentary chronicling the reconstruction of New Orleans
Adam Gordon, Associate Director, Fair Share Housing Center
Chrishelle Palay, Houston Co-Director, Texas Housers: Texas Low Income Housing Information Service

(Check out this video produced by Texas Housers about the need for data to understand equity impacts.)

About this series:

This TFN Learning Network Webinar is the latest installment of TFN’s Relief, Recovery and Resiliency Webinar Series, which offers firsthand accounts from impacted areas, insight into philanthropy’s role in relief and recovery efforts, and key lessons from funders and others working to build more sustainable, resilient and equitable communities. These webinars are intended to help frame and inform the conversations leading up to the 2018 TFN Annual Conference in Houston, March 19-21.

Listen to the first installment of the series, Uncertain Waters: Disasters and the Needs of Vulnerable Populations, here.

Stay tuned for details on our February and March Relief, Recovery and Resiliency Webinars!